I’m English but I’m expat brat through and through. Born in Hong Kong and raised in a London suburb and Jakarta, Indonesia. My immediate family lives in New York, Dubai and Bali. Family reunions get complicated and most of us are going to be racking up the Air Miles.

For me happiness is excellent banter, terrible puns and some gentle ribbing with friends and family around a table. We’re probably eating a roast and fighting over who gets the crispiest roast potatoes. Never invite me to play any kind of competitive game or sport; I am pathologically incapable of caring about winning to the extreme frustration of any team mates who do. I will watch any movie that has some kind of dance sequence in it, no matter how terrible.


I have incredibly fond memories of going to all sorts of stately homes in the English countryside with my mum as a child. I love imagining how people used to live in such grand surroundings and then enjoying a leisurely ice cream under the shade of a huge imposing oak tree.

I have wanted a dachshund since my early twenties and now I finally have one. I’m beginning to think Dachshund isn’t actually German for badger hound and instead means “the source of all your joys and sorrows in one tiny woofing package”.