I hail from western Ontario, lived in a number of different cities as a kid and young adult, and now call Toronto home. My idea of camping is staying at a lux hotel and ordering room service.

Happiness is a passport filled with entry visa stamps. My husband and I are absolutely passionate about travel and believe getting ‘lost’ on vacation is the best way to explore. Although we always make time for a bottle of bubbles or two on a sunny piazza.

I believe in dressing for style rather than comfort, being direct and there is no such thing as too much grooming.


My philosophy for living is this: live while I’m alive and enjoy all life has to offer. Music plays a big part in my life. I sing out loud to songs playing in my head and not just in the shower. I believe in the holy trinity: Madonna, Kylie and Adele. You’d never guess this about me but I have been known to lose hours playing old school video games.