Growing up in the 416 I have always considered myself a city girl. A committed east-ender I now call Kingston Village home with my husband Jeff, our flat coat retriever Oliver, and two cats Mia (Wallace) and Pip.

Besides hanging out at local restaurants in our community I love to spend time up at our cottage in the Kawarthas. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting by the water listening to music with a cold beer. I think the cure to stress and decompressing from city life can be found by the lake or on the beach. My ultimate paradise is when snorkeling in the ocean above miles of coral.

I’m happiest when I’m dancing or listening to live music. Being a concert goer for the past 30 years I have seen some of the most amazing bands and legends of music. From seeing my first concert at Maple Leaf Gardens in the 80’s to recently hanging at Lollapalooza in Chicago – music is a big part of my everyday life.


When I’m not listening to music I have the guilty pleasure of being a film buff. This all started when I was one of those clerks just like in the Kevin Smith movie. That’s’ when I caught the movie bug. Quentin Tarantino could direct someone reading the phone book and I’d probably watch it. I love all his films. Knowing that about me, you won’t be surprised to learn I have a pretty dark sense of humor.

I have to say one of my biggest accomplishments is being the first in my family to complete college. That is where my passion for interior design started. I give my Dad credit for encouraging me to learn about how things are built and not being afraid to get my hands dirty.