Born in a tiny town in eastern Ontario, I was raised on a farm with my five older brothers and sisters.

All eight of us lived in a small, three bedroom home with one bathroom.  You can imagine how important it was for my parents to have us humming like a finely tuned engine.  They ensured every one of us had a purpose in helping out the family unit.  No matter your age or size or gender, we all had our respective jobs in keeping the farm running smoothly.  I am very thankful for the strong values and work ethic my parents instilled during my childhood.


I’m not quite sure what the catalyst was for wanting to become an interior designer; it wasn’t like I was exposed to it as a child. There weren’t stacks of Architectural Digest just scattered around the house! Despite that, my parents were always very encouraging. I randomly decided to take a wood working course as an elective in high school and immediately fell in love with making a beautiful piece of furniture out of scrap lumber.  This motivated me to “pitch” to my parents a project idea to redesign our modest farm house. They went for it, gave me a budget and I got to work. Within a year, I’d moved to Ottawa to study interior design. After graduation, I knew I needed to head to Toronto to start my career.


Being one of six kids, we didn’t travel much as a family so now that I have the opportunity to, I jump on every chance I get. I like variety when it comes to travel experiences, from an exotic safari trip in Tanzania to outback canoe camping in the French River, to hanging out at my brother’s cottage in Quebec, it all comes down to spending time with nature.  I am re-energized and inspired by the many different landscapes the world has to offer.

When in the city, happiness for me is finding a small, quaint restaurant where I can enjoy a fine glass of wine or an ‘off the menu’ cocktail and catch-up with a loved one.  I’ll admit it, I’m a total foodie.  If I could eat out at a new restaurant every day, I would.

I juggle a lot at work as a partner in the business and at home where I’m a mum to two boys. I’m still awed by what happens when you get a group of passionate and creative designers together into a room. Helping encourage them to push their own limits and achieve beyond their expectations is what keeps me peaceful during my rush hour commute.