I come from the mean streets of Bright’s Grove, Ontario. OK, so there’s nothing remotely mean about the charming lakeshore town I grew up in. Perhaps that’s what drove me to Boston and its slightly meaner streets where I worked for Zaltman Associates shedding light on what people don’t know they know and how it impacts their thoughts and feelings about, well, all sorts of things.

I’m happiest when I’m up before the sun to catch up on an ever growing stack of books, usually non-fiction. Visiting new, unconventional, even odd places is definitely how I like to spend my vacation time. For me, liking the place isn’t the point. I enjoy getting a sense of how design affects us all unconsciously so I’m as likely to go to the Uffizi in Florence as I am a tour of Stalinist era architecture.


My preferred mode of transportation is a motorbike, much to my mother’s chagrin. Probably because I was never going to be tall enough to play the sport, I like to nerd out on everything NBA. I’m team agnostic but what the hell, go Raptors!

When I’m not defending my inbox, the thing I love most about my role is challenging conventional thought; reframing problems with evidence and gaining insight into the people our work touches.

Odd fact about me; I’m more obsessed than I care to admit about watching my house plants grow.