How We Do What We Do

We design exceptional workplaces, retail and residential spaces. Our work is inspired by a singular purpose: to change how people think, feel, decide and behave.

What we do

Strategy. Design. Delivery.

Our projects are really about people, and our process of "seeing" space differently. We fuse research with our design expertise to provide a strategic and cohesive service for all our projects across workplace, retail and residential. Once a concept has been brought to life, we ensure your project is delivered seamlessly and successfully.

Service Offerings

  1. Design research and strategy
  2. Program strategy
  3. Creative design
  4. Space/Feasibility planning
  5. Master planning
  6. Permit and tender
  7. Contract documentation and administration
  8. Project coordination
  9. Furniture procurement

We design differently, because we understand people differently.

Have you ever wondered why some places draw you in while others repel you...and you can't put your finger on why?

It’s because design influences us unconsciously. And unconscious cognition drives up to 98% of how we think, feel, decide and behave. Particularly in design environments.

In order to design successfully, we need a way to see the invisible link between design and the people design influences. Based on research from the cognitive and behavioural sciences, we’ve developed a process to rigorously and efficiently ‘see below the surface’.

What results helps us to consciously and intentionally design in a way that connects people to place – whether they’re aware of it or not.

We call it Connection Point. It’s our process that allows us to see what others don’t so we can design what others can’t.

Most studios focus on what people say they want.

What we focus on, uncovering what’s beneath the surface that truly motivates the way people think, feel, decide, and behave.

We see what others don’t...
Allowing us to design what others can’t.

How these two shopping districts affect us unconsciously

Feeling human in scale, this shopping street on the left feels approachable. There are openings every few feet that invite lingering; trees and flowers add a biophilic element. The mall on the right feels stark, imposing and cold with the vertical fins closing off the view to the upper gallery.