Great Gulf Design Studio

When you ask people what they like least about the new home buying process, they’ll often tell you choosing finishes is exhausting. From the endless number of choices to never-ending aisles, it can be overwhelming. The Great Gulf Design Studio changes all that.

Shopping for finishes has never felt like this. Your very own personal shopper, aspirational vignettes, and a perfectly curated showroom transform the process of choosing finishes into a luxury shopping experience.

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Shopping made personal

Instead of the massive anxiety provoking, emporium-like setting of a typical design centre, the Great Gulf Design Studio is laid out like a luxury store – complete with one-on-one service, curated offerings and a seamless experience from browsing to final selection.

The process of selecting finishes for a new home is typically an overwhelming and daunting experience. Customers feel bewildered by choice and intimidated by the sheer number of decisions they have to make. Our solution was a studio that made the process easy for customers to shop and easy for the client to sell and maintain. The result is an immersive, curated experience that leads customers on a guided journey through designated display areas throughout the studio – kitchen, doors and trim, flooring, bathroom and tile. Each area contains workstations, samples, and fully designed aspirational vignettes created by us.

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Choosing finishes goes from overwhelming to easy

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Streamlined and curated

This is a perfect example of how clients can leverage two of our areas of expertise - residential development and retail - for a result that really resonates.
Dominic DeFreitas
VP, Residential Development
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