Penguin Random House

With the merger of publishing heavyweights Penguin and Random House, consolidating under a shared vision and roof required reading between the lines.

A one hundred percent open office rewrites how people at Penguin Random House work. Gone are the 200+ square foot offices filled with stacks of books and papers, in favour of an open environment conducive not only to working alone, but to working together – on a scale that was impossible when divided by walls and stacks.

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Celebrating two publishing heavyweights in one office

Celebrating the shared love of literature, the fully open environment is littered with nooks and crannies for reading and meetings of all sizes.

Corridors are lined with custom bookshelves and seating spaces, while larger meeting rooms are outfitted with mobile walls that open to create a large conferencing space for seminars, town halls, etc. Finally, an interconnecting stair with sculptural bookcase grounds the space and links the 2.5 floors. At Penguin Random House everyone is out in the open, starting with the CEO.

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Upholstered break-out spaces create a semi-private space for informal meetings

The design theme was "all things books". We wanted to create something that referenced the feeling of a library or den.
Darryl Balaski